Xtreme Steel Shooting is a non-standard contest that examines practical rifle skills, including target recognition, range estimation, wind doping and marksmanship. It is designed to test a competitor's rifle shooting skills in practical challenges in the natural terrain using what gear he can carry.

Steel targets, with a minimum size of 1 MOA, will be engaged at distance varying from 500m to 1300m by a team consisting of a shooter and spotter. Every individual will be required to fulfill the role of shooter and spotter for every target shot during the competition.

Rifles up to and including 0.338 calibers are allowed with the intention that the rifle is shot with the aid of a standard bipod. All other equipment you can safely carry for the duration of the competition can be used to aid in the successful engagement of targets.

Please see the full set of rules, which is available as a PDF download, for a detailed explanation of what an Xtreme Steel Shooting competition will entail.